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Christine Gordillo

The Lakewood City Schools is grateful for a recent grant of $10,000 awarded by The Healthy Lakewood Foundation. The is the second Covid Response Grant received by HLF that is used to fund the District's coordinated care program that helps provide basic needs and connect with resources/agencies for families who are struggling.

Christine Gordillo

Congratulations to Grant Elementary fourth grader Landon Metz on winning the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce's annual "Why I Love Lakewood" contest! Landon earned the right to flip the switch with Santa on the city holiday lights at Light Up Lakewood and read his essay as well at the Dec. 3 event. You can read Landon's essay by clicking on "Read More".

Why I Love Lakewood
By: Landon Metz

I love this small but big community called Lakewood. This is my dream town! My parents moved us
here a few years ago from the eastside because they loved it so much. There are so many things to love
it’s hard to narrow it down!

First, Lakewood is an interesting historical city. There are so many old houses and buildings. It’s
great to see people fixing up their old houses to make them beautiful and charming again. My family is
working on fixing up our house that just turned 101 years old. I like to think about all of the families that
have lived here before us.

Second, Lakewood has an awesome variety of food options. If someone came up and asked me
“What food places are nearby?” I’ll say “I can walk right to the end of my street and find Angelo’s, Taco
Tantos, Sushi, Thai, Barbeque, Eugene’s Kitchen, Frosty’s ice cream and cookies. So many options!” My
favorites are Angelo’s, Taco Tantos, and Frosty’s.

Our location is what gives Lakewood its name! I really like that we are close to the great Lake Erie,
we have a beach nearby and we are close to downtown for all the sporting events. It’s amazing how much
the lake affects our weather! And the view from the Solstice Steps across the lake and back toward
downtown is beautiful.

And last, no other town puts on as many great events as Lakewood, like music and movies in the
park, the 4th of July fireworks, the Spooky Pooch Parade, and the Summer Meltdown. Plus, around
Lakewood there are many amazing murals to see, scooters to borrow, community gardens, and now the
sports lending lockers in Madison Park.

In conclusion, there are so many reasons to love Lakewood. It’s an awesome city with lots of
different kinds of people, great food, great history, great location, and great community activities. What’s not to love!

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Christine Gordillo

Congratulations to Harding Middle School intervention specialist Helen Cornelison and Hayes Elementary intervention specialist and District multi-sensory literacy instruction specialist Christine McElwee on being named our December Educator Spotlight honorees! Learn more about these two by clicking on "Read More".




Harding Middle School paraprofessional Helen Cornelison may just be starting out on her educational career, but her way with students is wise beyond her years. Helen uses our Vision of a Lakewood Educator competencies and knowledge gained in her undergraduate psychology classes to meet students where they are at.

“Helen is able to change her communication style based on the student she is working with, she understands that every child communicates differently and respects it,” said Helen’s nominator, Harding paraprofessional Genevieve Mehok.

Listening is an important part of Helen’s communication style. “I’ve learned to stop speaking when I should be listening,” Helen said. “I need to be comfortable with the awkward silence.” When her students do speak, Helen always has an empathetic ear for them. She extends that empathy to her work in the Harding Reset program as well.

Helen - who started with the District in 2020 - is extremely creative when it comes to motivating students. “She makes learning fun but also personalized and original,” said Genevieve.

Helen embraces a growth mindset, which is complemented by her goal-oriented focus. She will graduate from Cleveland State with a BA in psychology this month and has set her sights on becoming an intervention specialist.



Christine McElwee always knew she would land in a career centered on children. The Hayes Elementary K-3 intervention specialist, who enjoyed playing school as a child, approaches her work with students as if they were her own.

“She listens, collaborates and strives to individualize her interactions. She is one of the most genuine and giving teachers I know,” said STEM teacher Julie Ferrone, Christine’s nominator. 

Christine’s heart lies with special education students and feels like she can make the biggest difference in the small group settings that intervention specialists operate in. She listens empathetically and knows she must “read between the lines” to determine what a student’s issue may be that they can’t express.

Christine's impact is also felt among Lakewood City Schools staff as she splits her time between teaching and serving as the District’s multi-sensory literacy instructions specialist. For the past five years, she has been the in-house literacy trainer for the Wilson Reading System, assuring that our staff is implementing the curriculum correctly. She is also the District’s lead in providing the staff professional development needed for the District to comply with the new dyslexia law.

 Despite juggling two roles, Christine is never too busy to help out. Julie Ferrone sums it up best: “Christine is a consummate professional who does not hesitate to work with anyone who needs her expertise. She goes above and beyond her required duties for the benefits of student and staff alike.”

Cavs Honor Roosevelt Teacher
Christine Gordillo

Congratulations to Roosevelt Elementary teacher Maureen Manderfield, who was honored by the Cleveland Cavaliers at center court on Nov. 30 as Head of the Class Educator! The Cavs recognized Mrs. Manderfield's impact on students and their families through her 36 years of teaching for the Lakewood City Schools and for her many contributions to Roosevelt and the District. The Cavs also made her an honorary captain for the game and was seated in owner Dan Gilbert's suite. Such a well-deserved recognition!

Board Resolution Opposes State Proposal
Christine Gordillo

The Lakewood Board of Education at its Nov. 21 meeting unanimously approved a resolution stating its opposition to a proposed anti-LGBTQ+ resolution under consideration by the Ohio Board of Education. The resolution states that the state's proposal: "contradicts Lakewood City Schools Board of Education Policy...(and) is also in opposition to Lakewood's Vision of a Lakewood Graduate, specifically the values of empathy and global awareness and violates the ideals of human kindness and inclusion that are so valued by the Lakewood Community." 

The resolution encourages the community to contact the State Board of Education to express their opposition to the proposed legislation.

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